What is Neonatal Jaundice and How Is It Treated?

What is Neonatal Jaundice and How Is It Treated?

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Neonatal jaundice; babies within the first 28 days of birth, bilirubin so ​​to the skin yellow is a disease that occurs as a result of the increase in the color of the substance in the blood and naturally accumulation in the skin.

What Causes Neonatal Jaundice?

Newborn yellowness The main known reasons are:

  • In case of physiological jaundice; It starts on the second day after birth, shows its effect on the third and fourth days, and then passes by reducing its effect.
  • If there is a blood group incompatibility with the mother, jaundice occurs.
  • Jaundice occurs when the baby cannot get enough formula.
  • If the mother has diabetes, the baby has jaundice.
  • If blood collects under the baby’s scalp, the baby becomes jaundiced. This situation is usually experienced in difficult births.
  • In case of urinary tract infection, jaundice may occur.
  • If there are some enzyme diseases that come from the birth of the baby, jaundice may occur.
  • Breast milk jaundice may occur.

How to Treat Neonatal Jaundice?

Since it is known that jaundice causes permanent damage to the brain and nerve tissue, the main goal is to prevent this damage. That’s why light therapy and phototherapy methods are applied. In addition, blood exchange can be done.