What is Premenstrual Syndrome?

What is Premenstrual Syndrome?

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What is premenstrual syndrome (Premenstrual Syndrome)? This name is given to the discomfort seen with the complaints of nervousness, tension, unnecessary crying, depression, headache, chest tightness and abdominal gas before menstruation in women. Briefly PMS stands for

It is referred to as and is also known as premenstrual tension syndrome.

How is Premenstrual Syndrome Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of PMS is made by the doctors after necessary measurements premensturual syndrome scale

It is put after is applied. In order for the diagnosis to be made, the complaints seen before the menstrual period should affect normal life. Complaints typically begin during the so-called lute phase of the menstrual period. This period corresponds to approximately 5-7 days before menstruation. Complaints that get worse just before menstruation disappear with menstruation. In order to diagnose PMS, the following must be present r. For those diagnoses

Things to Do in Pms Case

Since the reason for this situation is not known exactly, what should be done was determined precautionary. Now how pms pass

The answer to the question cannot be given in medical language. However, what should be done to cope with the feeling of tension and stress seen in this period can be listed as follows:

  • Eating small and frequent meals,
  • Reducing sugar, red meat, chips, alcohol, caffeine intake before menstruation,
  • To increase the consumption of green vegetables and fresh fruits,
  • Feeding by keeping calcium-rich milk and dairy products in weight
  • Pain relievers such as naproxen should be used to reduce head, neck and waist pains during this period. In addition, the use of drugs such as aspirin containing salicylic acid will increase menstrual bleeding, so these drugs should not be preferred.