What is REM sleep disorder? Symptoms Treatment

What is REM sleep disorder? Symptoms Treatment

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Rem sleep behavior disorder

In the question expressed as , the patient tends to do the behaviors he / she does in his dreams. While dreaming, the human body must be completely still. This condition is called physical sleep paralysis. However, people with rem sleep behavioral disorder work the opposite. These patients also perform the movements they make in their dreams while they sleep. For example, hitting the wall, punching, walking or speaking etc. While these movements often do not cause any problems, in some cases quite severe situations and accidents may occur. In general, REM sleep behavior disorders can happen to every person at some time in their lives. Talking, jogging, or humming while sleeping is considered normal. However, treatment should be applied in cases such as walking while sleeping, moving, harming yourself or someone else.

What Causes Rem Sleep Disorder?

Causes of Rem sleep disorder can occur for a variety of reasons. While REM sleep disorder may occur due to Parkinson’s diseases or different diseases, these problems may also occur in psychological problems. Approximately 25% of healthy sleep is REM sleep. At this point, the dreamer is completely still. Certain points of the brain prevent moving during the dream and perceiving the dream physically as real. However, in some patients, this situation occurs in the opposite way. Highly risky situations such as fighting, punching, jumping from somewhere can occur while sleeping.

Who Has Rem Sleep Disorder?

People with Rem sleep disorder usually include Parkinson’s patients. Most patients with Parkinson’s may experience disturbances in rem sleep. Therefore, a sleepy medical history research should be done at this point. Clinical history should be taken for the treatment of the disease. It is very important to perform a sleep examination for a definitive diagnosis. Movements that occur during sleep should be analyzed and examined by experts. The patient should sleep in a safe place and there should be no harmful materials around him. In addition, after the patient’s condition and level are determined, the most appropriate drug treatment is started. The situation is often controlled with medication.