What Is Snoring In Children? When Is It Dangerous?

What Is Snoring In Children? When Is It Dangerous?

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Snoring in children causes symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, distraction, concentration problem, incontinence at night, learning disorder, heart rhythm irregularity.

Things to Do for Snoring Children

A snoring of the child

The ways to be followed to eliminate snoring are as follows:

  • In order to understand whether it is caused by the size of the adenoid and tonsils of the child, drug therapy should be applied to reduce the child’s adenoid and tonsils. If no relief is observed in the child despite this, the adenoid and tonsils should be surgically removed.
  • Snoring

    It should be investigated whether the reason is due to the tooth and jaw structure of the child and an orthodontist should be asked for this.

  • If the child is an overweight child, he may be snoring due to obesity. For this, a diet program should be prepared for the child with the help of a nutritionist.
  • If the child has allergies, when it interacts with allergens, swelling of the mucous membranes and meat in the nose may occur, causing the child to snore. Therefore, the child should receive allergy treatment.
  • Your boy nose

    Snoring may occur if the bone is crooked. Surgery is required for this. If there is a severe problem, surgery can be performed immediately, but unless there is an emergency, the age of 18 is expected for these surgeries.

When Is Snoring Dangerous?

Some of the situations in which snoring is dangerous include:

  • Snoring is dangerous if it is seen as continuing in every sleep state.
  • If the intensity of snoring is increasing day by day, it creates a danger.
  • In a child sleep apnea

    Snoring is dangerous if the problem is observed.

  • Snoring has become dangerous if hearing loss is suspected in the child.
  • Snoring is a danger factor if the infection does not improve when it is caught and if this situation is repeated frequently.
  • In case of a serious decrease in the school success of the child, the snoring problem should be intervened.