What is the Mediterranean Diet? How is it applied?

What is the Mediterranean Diet? How is it applied?

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Mediterranean diet, med diet

It is also known as and is a diet program that has survived since 1993. This diet program is generally prepared according to the eating habits of the Mediterranean countries.

What Should Be Considered in the Mediterranean Diet?


Some of the things a person on the diet should pay attention to are:

  • It is mandatory to consume fresh vegetables and fruits every day.
  • Cereal products such as oats, brown rice, soybeans, pasta, brown bread, flax seeds should be included in the nutrition program.
  • In general, olive oil or nut oil should be used when preparing vegetables and legumes.
  • When using butter or coconut oil, it should be preferred to use olive oil, hazelnut oil, walnut, almond, hazelnut or avocado as an alternative.
  • Chicken and fish must be included in the nutrition program on two days of the week.
  • Red meat and sweet foods should be consumed once a month.
  • Milk and dairy products should be consumed in half fat.

What Are the Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean diet

The advantages of a person who does are:

  • Heart attack risk is minimized.
  • People suffering from high blood pressure and cholesterol will have a decrease in their complaints.
  • People’s immune systems are strengthened.
  • People’s risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression and Parkinson’s is reduced.
  • The Mediterranean diet has a protective effect against cancer.
  • A person on a Mediterranean diet loses an average of 3-6 kilos per month.