What is the Montignac Diet? How is it applied?

What is the Montignac Diet? How is it applied?

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Montignac diet, a French dietician is a diet program introduced by Michel Montignac. Since it is not based on calorie reduction; It is a diet that can be applied by people who have not been able to lose weight on other diets. Your glycemic index, that is, it has a program where the consumption of foods with high blood sugar levels is prohibited and the remaining food is consumed more freely.

What Are The Rules Of The Montignac Diet?


Some of the rules that apply in the diet are:

  • The best carbohydrates with a low glycemic index carbohydrates, a selection should be made accordingly.
  • Processed and saturated fats should not be consumed. Since the quality ratio of fatty foods is determined according to their natural fat content, foods with unsaturated fat sites should be preferred.
  • When making a choice on protein, it should be taken into account in what proportion the vegetables and meat are mixed.
  • Especially the breakfast meal should not be skipped and a hearty breakfast should be made instead of fudge.
  • Consumption of heavy and unhealthy foods should be avoided in the evening.

How is the Montignac Diet Made?

The 2 stages of the Montignac diet that should be followed are as follows:

  • Attenuation Phase: It is the first stage. Foods to be consumed; There should be foods with a glycemic index of 35 and below. The amount of protein that a person should consume daily; body weight 1. 3-1. It is calculated over 5 times.
  • Rest and Protection Phase: It is the second stage in which low-calorie carbohydrates are consumed. At this stage, the aim is to keep weight under control. This stage can be continued for the rest of the life.