What is varicocele and how is it treated?

What is varicocele and how is it treated?

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Varicocele is a diagnosis made for people who are unable to have children despite regular sexual intercourse and who are at risk of infertility. Approximately 30 percent of men who have infertility problems are diagnosed with varicocele. In varicocele problem, there is enlargement of testicular veins as in varicose problems in the legs. In general, the most important factors that cause varicocele problem are permanent deterioration in testicular temperature. Generally, toxic substances that accumulate in contaminated blood are collected in the testicles. For this reason, deterioration occurs in testicular blood flow. Varicosal is a generally symptomatic and treatable health problem. Varicocele symptoms are:

  • Swelling in testicles and penis,
  • Swollen testicles,
  • Pain in the testicles

The enlargements that occur in the vessels due to varicocele begin to become noticeable from the outside. In particular, swelling and warmth are common, as well as swelling of the testicles.

Is Varicocele Painful?

Varicocele pain is generally irritating. It is a dull pain that occurs in the testicles. This pain is usually felt intensely in the groin areas and testicles. In general, pain caused by varicocele can only be relieved with painkillers prescribed by a doctor.

What Causes Varicocele?

Causes of varicocele is not clearly explained in general. In general, 30 percent of men who have infertility problems in the society are diagnosed with varicocele. Varicocele is usually seen on the left side of the testicles. In rare cases, varicocele may occur in both the right and left testicles.

What Are the Risk Factors for Varicocele?

Varicocele risk factors is generally determined genetically. Factors that increase risk factors:

  • Being overweight,
  • People who do intense sports and exercises that cause an increase in abdominal pressure,
  • Chronic asthma and chronic cough can lead to varicocele.

In addition to these reasons, varicocele is more common in occupations that need to be survived. Most of the men with heirs also have a varicocele problem. The risk of varicocele is quite high for people with genetically varicocele in their family. Although varicocele is a cause of infertility, it can be treated. The most effective treatment method for varicocele is surgery.