What Should Be Considered In Cancer Treatment?

What Should Be Considered In Cancer Treatment?

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Cancer that caused us a mild start when we first heard about it; It refers to malignant tumors and tumors caused by uncontrolled division and proliferation of cells. This disease, which has been a challenge for both patients and their relatives until recently; It can be overcome successfully thanks to advancing medical technology, different treatment methods and most importantly, early diagnosis. Well, what should be considered in this process? Here are the details …

First of all, morale is a must!

It is very important for the person with cancer to know that this is a process above all and have a motivation to overcome this process. In this sense, hospitals’ patient navigator applications provide a lot of convenience. This application guiding the patient from the moment he stepped into the hospital; In addition to all kinds of examinations and treatments, it makes them feel that they are not alone by bridging every issue that the patient needs in the process.

Treatment should be patient focused

Cancer type and treatment method are very important factors in achieving the desired success in cancer treatment. But there is one more important factor than all this, that is the patient himself. Because every patient is different, and therefore, the treatment methods to be applied may differ according to the person. Therefore, it is vital to choose the most appropriate treatment for the patient with the joint decision of physicians from different disciplines.

Second opinion makes sure of treatment

Medical innovations abroad and different methods used in cancer treatment; It may cause the patient to question the accuracy of the treatment proposed. In such a situation, getting a “second opinion” can help to end this instability and increase the patient’s motivation for treatment.

The most important criterion: A fully equipped hospital and specialist physicians …

A hospital that includes all the applications needed for correct diagnosis and treatment is extremely effective in keeping all these processes going smoothly. A hospital and expert staff where the most advanced methods such as cancer surgery, immunotherapy, vaccine therapy, smart drugs and biological agents are applied in addition to the standard applications applied in cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and hormonotherapy provide a great advantage in this sense.

Measures to increase the quality of life should not be forgotten!

When it comes to cancer treatment, only medical treatment should not come to mind. During the treatment; The diet, physical and mental health of the patient should not be forgotten. In this sense, many supportive treatments and practices such as diet, sports, breath awareness, hair care after chemotherapy should also be considered.

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