What should you look for when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner?

What should you look for when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner?

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Recently, almost all of our days pass in our homes. As a result, our homes are more dispersed and dirty than ever before, and it becomes more difficult to maintain hygiene at home. Therefore, the state-of-the-art wireless vacuum cleaners provide the user with great speed and convenience for the cleaning needs that are repeated many times during the day. So, what features should be looked at in a cordless vacuum cleaner?

We have compiled indispensable features for those who want to renew their vacuum cleaner or want the best in their dowry …

Fast and Effective Cleaning

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer great advantages due to their features such as being ready to use at hand at any time in daily cleaning, easy maneuverability, and easy use in places where the cord cannot reach, as in standard bagged / bagless vacuum cleaners.

Long Usage Time

The duration of use of cordless vacuum cleaners is very important for uninterrupted cleaning throughout the whole house. The high air flow digital motor and high performance lithium ion batteries provide this. Usage times vary according to eco, normal and turbo modes. It is important to choose technologies that do not decrease as you use them and whose batteries are suitable for long-term use. So you don’t have to constantly recharge and you can clean an entire house in one go.

LED Head Technology with 360 Degree Shooting Power

Having a single nozzle suitable for each floor allows you to finish cleaning faster. Thus, you save time without having to change the nozzle for carpet and hard floor. Providing 360 degree shooting power, which is the latest technology, the head collects all dust from all directions in one go and cleans even hard-to-reach corners. Especially nowadays we are always at home with our family and hygiene is gaining more importance; Invisible dusts, hair, pet hair, etc. can be missed with standard nozzles in floor cleaning. In this case, it poses a bigger problem especially for allergic bodies and asthma patients. Thanks to the LED Head, it provides a thorough, flawless cleaning by revealing even invisible dust!

Ease of Use and Uninterrupted Cleaning

The design of the cordless vacuum cleaner is important for easy access, especially in the most difficult to reach areas. Its easy maneuverability and the fact that the dust container is located at the top allows use at lower angles and can go completely straight under low furniture.

In addition, a product design in which the accessories are integrated into the vacuum cleaner saves you the trouble of plugging and unplugging the apparatus and provides fast and uninterrupted cleaning. In this way, you can easily use accessories with one touch. The integrated soft brush attachment is integrated into the tube for use in hard-to-reach places whenever you want. Having a removable hand-held unit makes it a 2-in-1 device. Having a special turbo brush allows it to easily collect pet hair and hair.

It is also important to empty the dust container after cleaning. What should be considered here is that it can be easily removed with one hand and can be emptied hygienically without scattering around.

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