What to Wear Under the Fur Coat? Fur Fashion 2019

What to Wear Under the Fur Coat? Fur Fashion 2019

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Fur coats released and famous after the Monster cartoon, 2019 winter creation

For , it is again offered in the most vibrant colors. Long furry and fluffy coats, combined with the fur font, create a strong and safe first space for women.

2019 Winter Street Fashion Fur Trend

Fur Coat Models 2019 Fur Coat Fashion 2019

Fur coats, which give a sheltered costume appearance, live a lot with their short cut and proportionate body measurements.

Hairstyle in Fur Coat

Especially if you have chosen a fur coat without a collar, by applying Betty or Vilma model, Stone Age fashion you can keep it stylish. The fluffy body and the top bun that shows your graceful neck like a swan is the ideal hairstyle.

Ponytails or scattered hairstyles offer a wonderful look with plush coats and fur coats.

What To Wear Under Fur Coat?

Short leggings and short flat boots make up the most stylish combination. You can use it with jeans, long knit skirts and knitwear depending on your clothing concept. You can make the exaggerated and cozy look of furs more shabby with plain combinations.