When Does The Baby’s Hair Grow In The Womb?

When Does The Baby’s Hair Grow In The Womb?

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Development of the baby in the womb is one of the most curious topics, especially by mothers. Development of the baby in the womb is quite a miraculous process. The answer to a question like when the baby’s hair grows will be from the third month of pregnancy.

Baby’s Hair Condition After Birth

How to know if a baby will be born with hair

It may not be possible to give a clear answer to a question like . Because it is very difficult to see hair on ultrasound due to its fine structure. Ultrasounds that can be seen in detail with today’s technology baby’s hair

Although it gives more detailed information about , the condition of the baby’s hair after birth is not known clearly.

Development of the Baby in the Womb

  • Your baby is just the size of a strawberry in the second month of your pregnancy. Hands and feet have just begun to be prominent.
  • Your baby’s face begins to become prominent in the third month of your pregnancy. It reaches about 6 centimeters in length. During this period when organs begin to take shape, your baby’s hair follicles also begin to form.
  • In the fourth month of your pregnancy, the formation of all the organs of your baby, including the ear and nails, is completed. Baby’s hair on ultrasound cannot be seen yet because it started to come out thin and thin during this period.
  • In the fifth month of your pregnancy, your baby will start kicking a lot. Eyelids develop and his brain develops seriously. During this period, your baby’s fine hair will begin to grow gradually.
  • Your baby’s hair continues to grow in the sixth month of your pregnancy and its weight reaches approximately 800 to 900 grams.
  • Your baby reaches a length of about 35 centimeters in the seventh month of your pregnancy. During this period, her skin is wrinkled and red.
  • Your baby’s movements become more noticeable in the eighth month of your pregnancy. He will start to be able to hear and react to voices. During this period, your baby’s weight may exceed 2 kilograms.
  • In the ninth month of your pregnancy, your baby reaches approximately 50 centimeters in length. As he grows well, his range of motion will be restricted and he cannot kick as much as before.