White Clay Mask Recipe Benefits

White Clay Mask Recipe Benefits

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Benefits of white clay mask

Thanks to , you can nourish your skin in many ways and achieve a flawless skin by regular use. As it is known, today it has been proven that naturally produced masks are more beneficial for skin health than normal masks. Clay masks are among the most preferred among these natural masks. Clay masks are the choice of many people because of their simple preparation and easy availability. In this article, how to apply a clay mask, what are its benefits? You can find answers to their questions.

Benefits of White Clay Mask

This type of soil, which is formed in nature over a long period of time, has many different uses for centuries. Today, clay, which is mostly used for skin health, can be turned into a natural cream by using different mixtures. The benefits of white clay mask, which is one of these mixtures, are briefly as follows;

  • Contain many beneficial minerals and nourish the skin
  • Balancer for oily skin
  • Cleans the skin to a great extent and removes dead bacteria
  • Eliminates acne and blackheads

Especially the white clay mask gives very successful results in the treatment of acne. Therefore, this mask is often recommended for young adults.

How to Prepare a White Clay Mask?

Those who use white clay mask observe the large change in the volumes within relatively short periods of time. The recipe of this mask that everyone can easily apply is;

  • Put two tablespoons of white clay in a deep bowl.
  • Then add water or optional natural rose water into it and mix it.
  • Let the white clay, which becomes a paste, rest for half an hour, then apply it to your skin.
  • After 45 minutes, you can clean your skin with lukewarm water.