Why Do Children Have Urinary Incontinence? Causes Treatment

Why Do Children Have Urinary Incontinence? Causes Treatment

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Causes of urinary incontinence in children is quite different. The condition expressed as urinary incontinence; It is defined as bedwetting more than 2 nights in a month. It is considered a problem when seen after the age of 5. Urinary incontinence in children; Daytime urinary incontinence in children and nocturnal enuresis. The causes and treatments of these problems are different from each other. Urinary incontinence problem is seen in 20 percent of children aged 5 and over. Especially early treatment methods can improve within 3 months. Families should consult a doctor before it is too late for treatment to begin.

Methods to Prevent Gold Penetration

How to prevent gold incontinence

For the answer to the question , it is necessary to pay attention to the lower abduction reasons. Most common Causes of gold incontinence:

  • Genetic reasons especially lead to inferior abduction. Especially if the mother and father have incontinence problems during childhood, it will also be seen in the child.
  • Infertility problem is more common in overweight children.
  • Lower incontinence problems are seen in children with nighttime breathing problems.
  • Overactive bladder can cause urinary incontinence.
  • Psychological reasons are among the biggest problems that cause urinary incontinence. In particular, sibling jealousy, family fights, abuse, death or school-home changes can cause urinary incontinence. Approach to psychological problems should be accompanied by pedagogues, otherwise the problem may be permanent.

Which Doctor Should Be Visited for Urinary Incontinence in Children?

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For , it is necessary to apply to the pediatric department first. At this point, the doctor will determine the underlying cause of the voiding problem, along with the physical examination, with tests. The examinations to be made at this stage:

  • Uroflow test: The child with urination problem is seated as if he is in the toilet, the bladder pressure and how fast it comes from the funnel placed where he urinates are determined.
  • It is determined whether there is any infection in the urinary tracts with renal and urinary tract ultrasound.
  • Voiding cystourethrography is used to check whether there is urine leakage, especially from the bladder to the kidney.
  • Renal functions are analyzed by scintigraphy. It is checked for any damage to the kidneys.