Why Is My Baby Crying For A Long Time?

Why Is My Baby Crying For A Long Time?

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Causes of baby crying is quite a lot. Especially while new mothers investigate the reasons behind their babies crying for a long time, they also learn many new reasons. Causes of baby crying, gas and hunger are in the first place. If you have breastfed your baby and burped, other reasons for crying are:

  • If it is in the teething period, it is normal to cry for a long time,
  • If he does not have a regular toilet, he may have a constipation problem,
  • Check your body, it may be a bleeding or a wound you don’t see,
  • Any part of the body may be painful,

Why Is My Baby Crying Always?

My baby is constantly crying what should I do emerges as the biggest concern of new mothers. Every baby is different. Some babies have a calmer temperament, while others may be more moody. But every baby cries. If your baby is crying for more than 2 hours, you should definitely consult a doctor. For cries shorter than 2 hours, it is sufficient to control gas, food, sub control and factors that may be irritable. Except this Why is a 2-month-old baby crying

The most common answer to the question is infantile colic. Crying attacks occur 3 times a week. It occurs with excessive gas accumulation.

  • Colic babies should be massaged on the abdomen.
  • There is no medical treatment for colic. For this, gas drops can be used on the doctor’s recommendation.
  • The baby should be breastfed with the right methods and air swallowing should be prevented.
My baby is constantly crying

Causes of Grumpyness in Babies

Baby crying and not sleeping causes include vaccine reactions. If the baby is extremely restless within 12 hours after vaccination, a vaccine reaction may occur. Except this:

  • The drugs used by the mother may cause restlessness. During the breastfeeding period, the effect of the drug may pass to the baby with the milk.
  • Teething is among the most common causes of crying. This restlessness of babies after the 4th month is due to teething.
  • Tourniquet syndrome is also among the causes of crying. The sheets, blankets or quilts you cover the baby can get caught on the baby’s fingers or any limb. The baby cries because this area is squeezed. For babies crying, it is important to strip your baby and control his or her body.

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