Why is red worn on New Year’s Eve?

Why is red worn on New Year’s Eve?

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Red panties are believed to bring good luck when worn on the evening of December 31st, the last night of the year. Red panties, which are very popular with women, are an important gift alternative for women as New Year’s Eve approaches.

Why wear red on New Year’s Eve?

Red panties, whose story goes back to old times, is an American who went bankrupt in 1956. underwear seller came out from under Henry George’s head.

George noticed that while women bought bras and panties in red as a set, those who bought single panties only preferred black or white colors. George, who immediately held a meeting with his employees, red panties developed a strategy to sell.

Christmas gave a week ago the red panties that he could not sell for three years as a gift to the women around him and said that this would bring them luck.

Remaining in George’s warehouse on December 31 red panties

While was all sold out, word of mouth spread that red panties bring luck and it has become a tradition.

The word panties is from the French “culotte”; “Culette” comes from the French “cul” meaning “butt” and “culus” in Latin. The origin of “don”, which is common among the people, is the word “ton” used by the Orhon Turks.

Let’s not go without mentioning when we talk about panties. The habit of wearing panties in Europe has settled since the beginning of the 19th century. Until this date, it was considered a shame to wear underwear in Europe.