You can gain 5 kilos per week with weight loss drink recipes

You can gain 5 kilos per week with weight loss drink recipes

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You can get healthy and fast weight with our fast weight gain drink and mix recipes. Appetizing blend recipe that gains 5 kilos a week, weight gain coffee recipe for coffee lovers, and banana date recipe for smoothie lovers.

Weight Loss Drink Recipes

Things to show people looking for a drink to gain weight include some types of coffee. For example, Latte contains cream and sugar. This helps to gain weight. Fastest weight gainer is another drink prepared with milk, peanut butter and chocolate. Each of them has weight gain feature. Preparing drinks by combining these nutrients will gain weight quickly.

Banana and Date Smoothie to Gain Weight

Banana and Date Smoothie Recipe to Gain Weight

Banana is one of the fruits that people who want to gain weight often consult. Banana is a very nutritious fruit. Consuming too much also causes weight. Therefore, the smoothie prepared with banana can be shown as a weight gain cure. Adding walnuts, honey and dates in this smoothie will increase its effect. If you wish; What Are Appetizing Plants? you can visit our location …

Increase Your Weight With Chocolate Coffee

When the coffee and chocolate duo come together weight gain methods

They become one of the . Consuming chocolate coffee accelerates weight gain. Putting cream on this coffee, which can be drunk both cold and hot, increases its effect a lot.

Appetizing Mix Recipe 5 Kilos Per Week Guarantee

Great for those who want to gain weight fast appetizing beverage mix

We will share the recipe with you. Appetizing mixture

If you use the nozzle with , you can gain 5 kilos per week. Come on high calorie weight gain drink to our recipe …

Fast Weight Loss Appetizing Blend

Appetizing Mixing Materials

  • Milk 1,5 Cup
  • Banana 2 Pieces
  • 1 Piece of Country White
  • Peanut Butter One Soup Spoon
  • Carob Molasses 2 Soup Spoons

High Calorie How to Make Appetizing Mixture Recipe

Mix the above-written ingredients beautifully in blander. Consume this appetizing and weight gaining mixture in the morning before breakfast and 1 hour before going to sleep. Make sure to walk or exercise for 30 minutes a day. If you apply regularly, it is possible to gain 5 kilos per week.

Zahide YetiƟ Weight Loss Mix T archive

With its delicious and delicious taste for both children and adults appetite, you can gain weight quickly thanks to the opening mixture. Dr. Feridun Kunak is healthy and fast weight gain powder cure is very useful for those who do not have children. Let’s get to our weight-gaining natural appetite recipe …

Dr. Weight Gaining Powder Cure Recipe from Feridun Kunak

Zahide Yetis Weight Loss Mix Recipe

Weight Gaining Powder Cure Materials;

  • 1 Tea glass of pollen
  • 1 Tea glass walnut powder
  • 1 Teaspoon of dark grapes
  • 1 Tea cup peanut powder
  • 1 cup of hazelnut powder

Weight Loss Powder Cure Recipe Preparation

You can mix the perfect weight-lifting and appetizing mixture with 1 tablespoon of honey or molasses daily before meals. We recommend that you take it 1 hour before going to sleep.